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Server 1. Rise of the Avatar.

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Q: How much time will I spend playing it?
A: Space Invaders, the newest Free MMORPG on the Web
is very easy to play and it doesn't consume much
of your time. 1-2 hours per day are enough.

1 - Avatar is the Sanskrit for descent and is
often translated into English as incarnation.

2 - Browser Game = a MMORPG that is played directly in your internet browser; it doesn't
require any client-side software.

Space Invaders - your source for free MMORPG.
Control the Avatars and fuel their plans for galactic domination. Are you up to the challenge?

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There are so many people who still enjoy playing online MMORPG games and AH Space Invaders gives you everything you would expect to see in a browser
game: strategy, trading, war, alliances.

We want your online playing experience to be one that is fun each time you login onto our servers. Check out Xeno Browser Games and Asgard Heroes Game and see just how high you can score at them. The real fun is just clicks away!

Make Asgard Heroes - Space Invaders your favorite Free MMORPG game.
Have fun wonderer!

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      Welcome to the World of Avatars!

Hello and welcome to Space Invades, the FREE MMORPG in space. Asgard is a sci-fi browser game which takes only ten minutes to learn and can become extremely addictive. You can play discretely from work or school with your friends; or you can make new ones, online. Let the fun begin!

The Avatar1 has awakened! The Prime Evils ascended into space and are thirsty for fresh blood! Highly efficient killers with the sole purpose of consuming all living, the Avatar is a symbiotic species which assimilated millions of hosts throughout the galaxy, in order to thrive and modify their surroundings. They are destroyers of worlds and harbingers of death. (Learn more...)


"Leaving out the crap made by publishers, fake tops and other tricks, honestly, Asgard Heroes is the game with most incredible ascension in the world of browser games. Now, I don't know why this is; maybe the game graphics are too amazing, maybe it's because of the super cool gameplay, maybe it's because of the great community or maybe because, as players say, this browser-based game is the only game who is actually played by the developers, who are really getting involved and most suggestions are introduced almost immediately into the game." (Pr3t3nd3r)

"A beautiful, balanced, deep and different take on the often cookie-cutter browser games2, with an intelligently sarcastic attitude. And to top it all off, it's a free MMORPG!" (FR1DG3)

"Asgard Heroes is taking the strategy browser games to a whole new level! From the initial start with the more casual browser games Xeno, we learned a lot about gameplay, about what makes a game fun and how to take things to the next level. Taking advantage of the graphics secretly done by The Guardian, some new game concepts and with a lot of gameplay tweaks, a new adventure have started in Asgard Heroes! And when you thought it stops, the Draconians awakened and are enslaving the alien heroes until none of them is left! So, I have a question for you: are you gonna let them take your freedom away? Or you will become the ruler of the galaxy?
Start now your quest for power!" (Pr3t3nd3r)

"Creative, great artwork, with a great interface and a unique idea. A fun online game." (Prism)

"A balanced free MMORPG with great potential. A good friendly player base makes up for healthy competition and enjoyable PvP." (DanielJackson)

"Asgard Heroes is an addicting space browser game with stunning graphics and two unique races to play with, each with different strengths. Certainly the best of its kind!" (Xaol)

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     Game Features

Xeno Online
Travel through the galaxy like a man alien on
a mission. Your mission is... to save the future. Can you do it? Free-to-play Browser Games!


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